Artist Catherine van pottelsberghe biography

A universe tinged with depht, light and material. 

Through her paintings, the artist Catherine van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie unveils her universe tinged with depth and light drawn from the central lands of Africa. 

Catherine van Pottelsberghe spent childhood and youth in Katanga.

There, she developed her first plaster workshops, her first drawings, her first three-dimensional research in stones, pigments, oil and clays.

Katanga's geological universe and colors inspire her with a passion for stone and minerals, geology and by extension metallurgy.

The combined action of a legion in Kolwezi slices this life under the sun very sharply, pruning all the branches of the tree, down to the last leaf, nothing remains ... the trunk uprooted plunges as best they can into the icy ground of a leaden Belgian winter. 

25 years later, Sculptor by training in visual and space arts, Catherine van Pottelsberghe tackles stone both in bloc in the quarries of extraction of the region of Dinant and Mazy or the sites of Laeken, as in powder in geology research workshops. The artist also worked in forge, lost wax and metal casting or micro metallurgy from 1989 to 1994 at the Ecole supérieure des arts visuels de la Cambre in monumental sculpture. 

The stonemason is also a crystallographer, from tectonic movements to the organization of space. From the deepening of her knowledge, Catherine van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie arrives at the culmination of research as an artist sculptor in stone, lead, pigment and earth at the University of Valencia, Spain.

At the same time, the synchronicity of an encounter sets her on the path, gives a new artistic dimension to her research. Departure for a long life in Greece to discover marbles and quarries, stone-cutting workshops and research into oils and pigments on canvas. After five years of work in both an artistic and scientific field, robotics and artificial intelligence, she developed a tactile form of interpretation of colors and myth.

In Greece, the monumental work elevates to transcendence. Her memories of Athens in white marble, in the contemporary ruins of houses here and there cracked, demolished, reveal in the city so many testimonies and stories. The pigmented walls of the city destroyed by the earthquakes are as much historical refuges as the witnesses of life. Catherine van Pottelsberghe works pigment and oil on linen in a makeshift workshop in Greece.

In 2006, back in Belgium, through artistic patronage and a few oils on canvas, she exults a whole hitherto hidden universe. Everything that is experienced, sensitive, collective or personal, and the rite that represents it, participate in the consecration of her work.